Ketone Balance Duo Reviews | Scam & Side Effects

Ketone Balance Duo is a relatively new diet pill on the market that utilizes the power of raspberry ketones and green coffee beans to boost the metabolism and burn fat.

Combining two of the best-known weight loss supplements in one single diet pill sounds like it should make Ketone Balance Duo one of the best diet supplements around, but it is all too good to be true?

If you want to know if this supplement really can help you lose weight naturally, read our evaluation of Ketone Balance Duo and find out the truth.

Ketone Balance Duo scam

Ketone Balance Duo Pros

  • Natural formula
  • Well-known weight loss ingredients
  • Diet plan included with the supplement
  • May increase energy and boost the metabolism
  • May boost the fat burning process

Ketone Balance Duo Cons

  • Quite expensive
  • Potential side effects from the stimulants
  • Only limited clinical trials have been carried out on the main active ingredients

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What is Ketone Balance Duo?

Ketone Balance Duo is a diet pill that is distributed by the well-known health supplements brand Evolution Slimming.

The pills, which are taken one in the morning with breakfast and one at midday with lunch, contain raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract.

The product is designed to work as both a fat burner and metabolism booster.

The raspberry ketones being what will help the body break down fat and burn fat more efficiently, and the green coffee bean is what will boost the metabolism.

Ketone Balance Duo also contains green tea, which is a known metabolism booster, and an appetite suppressor.

What are the Benefits of Ketone Balance Duo?

The power of Ketone Balance Duo lies in the combination of the two main ingredients of green coffee bean and raspberry ketones.

There has been some research that has shown the green coffee bean can boost the metabolism and help to control bold sugar levels.

Raspberry ketones also have a metabolism-boosting effect and they have been shown in research to help break down and burn fat in the body.

The combined effect of those ingredients, plus the effect of the green tea, could well help the body use up more calories than it would otherwise have done.

This supplement is also likely to give you more energy, which would be of a benefit, both in terms of giving you more energy during workouts, and in terms of keeping you generally more active during the day.

What are the Ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo?

As well as 200mg of raspberry ketones, and 200mg of green coffee bean extract, Ketone Balance Duo also contains green tea, guarana tea extract, chromium picolinate, and L-carnitine. Here are the effects of each of those active ingredients.

Ketone Balance Duo ingredients how to take
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Raspberry ketones

Raspberry ketones have a stimulant effect and they have been shown to be able to break down fat in the body. Most of the research studies that have been conducted into the weight loss properties of ketones have been conducted on animals, but the results of those studies did suggest that raspberry ketones do have a positive weight loss effect.

Green coffee extract

Green coffee bean has been shown in some studies to have boosted weight loss by as much as 30%. It acts as both a stimulant and as a fat blocker, so it will increase the metabolic rate and help prevent new fat from being absorbed into the body.

Green tea extract

Amongst its many health benefits, green tea is an appetite suppressor and a metabolism booster. It is also very high in antioxidants.

Guarana tea extract

Guarana Tea Extract is high in caffeine, so it will act as a stimulant, and it is also an effective appetite suppressor.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium picolinate helps to regulate the production of insulin, which in turn will help regulate how much the fat body stores.


L-carnitine is an amino acid that boosts the metabolism and helps with the fat burning process. It can also help improve athletic performance and encourage the growth of lean muscle mass.

Will Ketone Balance Duo Cause any Side Effects?

The ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo appear to be all-natural and we could find no reports of any side effects being associated with this supplement.

However, a number of the ingredients in the supplement are stimulants, and the amounts of each of the main active ingredients in each dose are quite high.

The common side effects of high doses of stimulants, such as caffeine, include jitteriness, sleeplessness, palpitations and increased blood pressure.

We would recommend, therefore, that you only take Ketone Balance Duo as directed and that you do not combine it with other stimulants, such as large amounts of coffee or energy drinks.

If you are taking prescribed medication, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult with a doctor before you start taking Ketone Balance Duo.

Our Verdict

Unlike many diet pills, the distributors of Ketone Balance Duo do not make any exaggerated claims about this supplement, which we think is a big plus in their favor. There is no magical formula that will help make you lose weight on its own.

Any diet supplement can only help the weight loss process when it is taken in conjunction with you eating a healthy diet and following a sensible exercise plan.

However, the active ingredients in Ketone Balance Duo have weight loss benefits, even if those benefits have not been extensively tested in clinical trials.

Our verdict on Ketone Balance Duo, therefore, is that this is a diet pill that could help you lose weight, but you will still need to watch what you eat and get plenty of exercises for it to be effective.

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