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The Japanese have one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world. Of course, that could change very quickly as McDonald’s gains a foothold.

It may be tempting to attribute their lower rate of obesity to genetics, but when Japanese residents come to America and adopt American eating habits – most gain weight. Obviously, they have something to teach us about healthy eating. What are the best Japanese weight loss secrets?

Japanese weight loss secret: Limit your portion size

Japanese diet

The Japanese keep their portion sizes small, while most Americans believe that a “biggie size” is an acceptable serving. Because the Japanese eat slowly and savor each bite, they feel more satisfied with less food. They also use smaller dishes to hold their food which gives the illusion that they’re eating more. To top it all off, they eat with chopsticks which forces them to eat more slowly.

How you can benefit:

Get smaller bowls and plates to hold your food and pace your eating. This will trick your brain into believing it’s getting more food. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, use chopsticks.

Japanese weight loss secret: Eat more fish

Fish is an important part of the Japanese diet, and in Japan, it’s usually prepared by steaming or stir-frying rather than breading it and frying it in heavy oil. Fatty fish such as salmon is also rich in omega-3’s which – according to some studies – helps to boost metabolism. It’s also low in calories and very satisfying because it’s high in protein.

How you can benefit:

Substitute some of the red meat you eat each day with steamed, grilled, or broiled fish.

Japanese weight loss secret: Add color to your plate

Japanese food is usually home-cooked and arranged on the plate in a way that it looks more like art than something to be eaten. What do they use to add color to their plates? Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, of course. No wonder they have such a low cancer rate.

How you can benefit:

Fill your plate with as many colorful fruits and vegetables as possible. This will ensure that you get a healthy blend of vitamin, minerals, and phytonutrients. Use fruits and vegetables to replace potatoes and pasta.

Japanese weight loss secret: Start your meals with soup

Whether it be miso or udon, a freshly made soup is usually eaten before most Japanese meals. These soups are usually broth-based, low in calories, and help to reduce hunger so less food is eaten during the rest of the meal.

How you can benefit:

Skip the appetizers and have a cup of broth-based soup instead. Sip it slowly and savor it before the rest of the meal arrives. Another Japanese weight loss secret? The Japanese are naturally more active since fewer people have cars. Do yourself a favor and walk when you have a chance. It’s more environmentally friendly than driving and it burns more calories. When you drive, park as far from your destination as possible; then walk as fast as you can to the door – Japanese style.

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