Are the Benefits of Kombucha Real? What About Side Effects


The past decade has seen the kombucha market take off. What is currently a $1 billion US global market is projected to hit $4 billion in the next four years. Make no mistake, the days of having to seek out a high-end food market or health food store to find kombucha are long gone. Today … Read more Are the Benefits of Kombucha Real? What About Side Effects

Pomegranate Juice & Seeds Health Benefits

pomegranate health benefits

  1. Pomegranate can Reduce de Risk of Prostate cancer A new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows the pomegranate fruit could be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to reducing the risk of prostate cancer (1). Researchers at the University of Mississippi found that juice components from … Read more Pomegranate Juice & Seeds Health Benefits


nutriplan 28 days nutrition detox plan

Get ready to remove the toxic substances from your body with NutriPlan 28 a complete balanced diet plan for you in the form of a small packet that contains various antioxidants, some useful vitamins, and beneficial superfoods that comprise of shakes, teas, and the natural supplements. Significance of Detox diet The significance of the detox … Read more NutriPlan

Tava Tea Reviews

tava tea review scam

The way people generally want something as a whole is immediate. Who has time to wait anymore? What’s more is who has time to workout even twenty minutes a day? Well, the results won’t happen overnight, but Tava Tea weight loss formula does permit you to carry on with your current lifestyle while you lose … Read more Tava Tea Reviews