Diet Drink – Water as the ultimate source of food

Nowadays, when weight reduction has occupied the major part of everyone’s concern, so people are fetching different types of products that will not result in a fat deposit.

Doctors are offering diet plan whose advantage is taken by marketing agencies again. In the market, various type of food-stuff being sold whose component-list mostly shows a drop in calorie.

Not only in solid food, but also people are trying to take safety measures while drinking. Many are avoiding cold-drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Thumbs Up, Sprite, Limca etc. So, money-spinners have come up with a new idea called Diet Drink.

Diet Drinks and Weight Loss

water diet

Some of the diet drinks in the market that are in vogue are diet soda, diet Coke, diet Thumbs Up, diet Sprite and so on. When we talk about the term “diet”, it means that the item is sugar-free.

Patients, who complain to doctors about physical problems that seem to be the outcome of obesity then doctors, prescribe Diet Therapy. Patients consume those food items that are required and avoid others. There are various types of diet therapy like diabetic diet, pressure diet and allergic diet are to name a few.

In Diabetic diet, patients need to intake sugar-free food so that sugar level in blood can be controlled. In case of pressure diet, patients need to intake salt-free items to control blood pressure level.

Allergic diet has become the most common nowadays.  Every individual irrespective of age limit has become prone to allergens. Symptoms of the allergy include skin-rashes, nose blockage, frequent sneezing.etc.

The chronic symptom of the allergy is in those patients who have deviated nasal septum accompanied by polyps along with sinus. When a person takes in allergic food like egg, prawn, brinjal or inhales dust then the body starts acting with hypersensitivity to combat the effect of the consumed food item.

Sometimes, when the body is unable to fight abrupt drop in temperatures then people are susceptible to cold-allergy. In some, this may not be severe due to high immunity power whereas others may fall prey. In the process, body tissues swell which becomes pronounced with the show of skin rashes or frequent sneezing or enlarged polyps.

If a person has the problem of deviated nasal septum then that has to be treated first. Usually, people have to undergo the knife of a surgeon in this case. Another point to remember is that there is no surgery or medicines as such to combat allergy, so the best way is to avoid such food-stuffs or external conditions out of which dust and cold are common.

Apart from therapeutic diet, people who are conscious about diet drinks can be advised that the best way is to consume water aplenty. Diet soda or coke are artificially administered to be sugar-free but again it contains other chemicals like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharine or sucralose, which again results in gaining obesity and making the body bulkier.

It should be borne in mind that to keep life simpler, we should observe basic things and unless required there is no need of sophistication which will make the life unnecessary complex and accommodate other factors which are totally uncalled for.  So, people who are fat can be advised to take less food and appease their appetite more by dwelling on water as the ultimate source of food.

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