di.et Review *5 Downloadable Guides For 15 day diet and exercise plan

As anyone who has ever tried to lose weight will know, dieting is far from easy, especially if you are trying to lose a substantial amount of weight. It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to not eat the foods that you have come to love, and a lot of motivation and stamina to exercise regularly when you have not been very active before.

Even when you do lose weight, you are then faced with the challenge of keeping that weight off and not ending up on the never-ending weight-loss roller-coaster.

So, if you saw an advertisement that promises that you can lose 15 pounds in just 15 days, you’d probably take a look. 15 pounds in 15 days is the claim that is being made by the 15 Day Di.et Plan, which is a series of downloadable guides that promise to let you in on the secrets of rapid weight loss, cellulite reduction, and youthful looks.

15 day diet plan
15-day diet plan

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15 Day Di.et Plan Pros

  • It provides a structure for dieting
  • It provides a diet plan
  • It provides an exercise program
  • There is a 75-day money-back guarantee

15 Day Di.et Plan Cons

  • It is expensive for a download
  • Losing 15 pounds in 15 days could damage your health
  • Claims are extravagant
  • Supplements are an expensive “upsell”

So, before you part with your money in exchange for this apparent miracle diet plan; read our review of the 15 Day Di.et Plan and find out what you get for your cash and whether or not it could actually work for you.

What is the 15 Day Di.et Plan – Review?

The 15 Day Di.et Plan is a series of downloadable guides that the sellers of the product claim contain ground-breaking, scientifically proven methods that will help you lose weight rapidly. It also promises to show you how to keep that weight off for life.

The advertisements for the 15 Day Di.et Plan Review do say that you can follow the plan successfully without taking any supplements. However, one of the guides in the plan is dedicated to supplements, which, of course, you can purchase directly from the supplier of the 15 Day Di.et Plan plan.

Is the 15 Day Di.et Plan as amazing as the advertisement claims, or will you lose a lot more money than weight? Here’s our review of the 15 Day Di.et Plan, along with the details of what you will get for your money if you buy the 15 Day Di.et Plan.

What is included with the 15 Day Di.et Plan?

The 15 Day Di.et Plan consists of five downloadable e-books; an introductory guide, a diet guide, a workout guide, a supplement guide, and a maintenance guide, here is a brief overview of what each of those guides contains.

15 day diet
15-day diet

Introduction Guide

The Introductory guide is very much a motivational guide to get you prepared for the diet. It provides you with tips on how to create the right mindset to succeed and on how to overcome obstacles to success.

Diet Guide

The diet guide is the main section of the plan and it provides you with information on what to eat and what not to eat. It also provides meal plans for the 15 day period of the diet. The guide has different plans for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, as well as information on fat-burning foods and weight loss strategies.

Workout Guide

The workout guide is a detailed plan of workout routines for the 15 periods. It includes some useful general tips on exercising as well as a detailed plan that lists exercise combinations, provides rep count guides, and gives advice on rest periods. The workouts are all designed to be done at home and they are relatively short in duration.

Supplement Guide

The supplement guide explains what types of supplements might be used in conjunction with the diet to help weight loss. The suggested supplements include Cleanse Tea, which is an herbal tea that is said to detox the body, and Capsiplex Sport, which is a metabolism booster that contains thermogenic compounds and stimulants.

Both of these supplements are available for purchase from the supplier of the 15 Day Di.et Plan.

Maintenance Guide

The Maintenance Guide that comes with the 15 Day Di.et Plan is designed to show you how to keep the weight off once you have lost it. This guide includes advice on how to cope with setbacks, how to stay motivated, and how to get the balance of lifestyle and diet right.

15 Pounds in 15 Days – Our Verdict

While the structure and guidance that the 15 Day Di.et Plan could be helpful to some people, we feel that you could gain the knowledge that is contained in the plan from much cheaper books, or from simply doing some research online.

It should be noted that the generally accepted safe rate of weight loss for most people is in the region of 2 pounds a week, depending on your body weight. The 15 Day Di.et Plan suggests that you can lose 15 pounds in 15 days, which would be nearly 2 pounds a day. Drastic weight loss like that is likely to make you feel faint and tired and it could have long-term detrimental effects too.

how to lose 15lb in 15 day
how to lose 15lb in 15 day

Following crash diets of this nature do not usually result in long-term weight loss. You may well lose significant weight in a short amount of time, but you are very likely to put it back on as well.

Claims such as “lose 15 pounds in 15 days” are misleading. In fact, even the FAQs on the 15 Day Di.et Plan say that you can expect the weight loss of between 5 and 15 pounds.

The claim that the diet will rid you of cellulite is also false because dieting alone does not reduce cellulite, although losing weight can make cellulite look less pronounced.

As for the claim that the 15 Day Di.et Plan will make you look 3-5 years younger, well, you can draw your own conclusions from that type of promise.

In summary, then, it is our opinion that the 15 Day Di.et Plan is a very expensive PDF download for the price, and, if you do buy the suggested supplements and the optional recipe book as well, the whole package will cost you just short of $160.

That’s a lot of money to be told that you need to eat fewer calories and exercise if you want to lose weight.

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