BioActive Raspberry Ketones Reviews, Scam, Side Effects

Like many other weight loss supplements on the market, Bioactive Raspberry Ketones has gained popularity with time. This is a kind of product that is not only comprised of raspberry ketones but have other supplementary elements presents within that makes it a slimming tool.

There are lots of disputes these days in the market about this product mainly because of it having multiple components that may be not safe for health.

Why the BioActive Raspberry Ketones is not recommended

BioActive Raspberry Ketones Review
  • BioActive Raspberry Ketones claims to produce no side-effects at all, and many believe that the claim is overhyped since the brand is new and has no proper information for its users.
  • The caffeine content present in BioActive Raspberry Ketones makes its use more questionable, though.
  • Another issue associated with the product is its free trial offered to trap customers. Usually, diet-pills are never offered as free trials and users might regard such proposals as being unsafe and dangerous.
    There is a credit card payment option available to users for this product that adds another negative point. The free bottle can be claimed within the trial period, but if the trial period expires you are entitled to give the payment from the beginning.
  • Customers usually consider it as a scam because Bioactive Raspberry Ketones will charge you a recurring “subscription” fees monthly but there have been complaints witnessed regarding its’ subscription cancellation issues.

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In all, there is very limited information and customer reviews regarding BioActive Raspberry Ketones supplement. Apart from that, the subscription-based weight loss program makes it more questionable.

There have been billing complaints and no refund policy associated with it that raises concerns about the non-transparent composition of its ingredients and fraudulent business.

Despite using bioactive raspberry ketones, other dietary supplements can be used instead that are safe and can be trusted.

The product, although, claims to have herbal elements only, research on this product suggests that there are several additional artificial elements presents within, that may cause harm to the body. The product itself is the name of Bioactive raspberry ketones and is affiliated with Biz Profits which is responsible for its selling activities.

Ingredients contained in Bioactive Raspberry Ketones

bioactive raspberry ketone ingredients

BioActive Raspberry Ketones is not only comprised of ketones as mentioned earlier but also includes elements like green tea, acai berry, and vinegar in actual that will be discussed shortly below.

These items claimed in the product have no prior research and are not in any way guaranteed to reduce body fat.

BioActive Raspberry Ketones also claims to offer the small amount of caffeine anhydrous and grapefruit which on the other hand may not be very useful in weight loss.

Now let us check out the six herbs that are present in BioActive Raspberry Ketones and their associated problems as being weight loss agent:

1. Raspberry Ketones: The name is an active ingredient for weight loss, but there is a dispute regarding raspberry’s market research to find their proven health potency.
2. Acai Berry: It is famous as an antioxidant and works best for weight loss, but there are some research claims about health and skin that are unconcluded for this element.
3. African Mango: It is an appetite suppressing agent, and there are disputes in the industry as it might contract the stomach as per diet intake.
4. Green Tea: It is also an essential element responsible for weight loss and works as an antioxidant for the body, but stimulants contained in it might be dangerous.
5. Resveratrol: This feature doesn’t help in weight loss, and there is a debate in this market as to why be this element included in the product. Claims are still unsupported, but apparently, this ingredient produces no harm.
6. Apple Cider Vinegar: It is also a weight loss agent but due to its acidic nature, might not be very healthy for teeth and kidney.

Though these ingredients are not harmful the product’s composition has left questions in the diet pills market.

Bioactive Raspberry Ketones Walmart

We can’t find Bioactive Raspberry Ketones at Walmart. Here are several brands of raspberry ketone such as: Fat Burner Keto pills, NatureWise Raspberry Ketone, etc.

The dosage suggested by Bioactive Raspberry ketones:

Since the product has multiple capsules, it is prescribed to take 2400 mg of this serving every day which is equivalent to two capsules a day. There is also very less information of some ingredients presents in each capsule, but the normal prescription is suggested for 60 capsules in a bottle.

The BioActive Raspberry Ketones brand, however, is not proven and is not prescribed mostly because there is almost no information on this product on their official website.

Even when the product has complete information on the number of herbs it contains, there are fallacies that the product is not completely herbal.

There are lots of other diet pills available on the market that offer complete transparency and have official websites to provide up to date information of their products such as:

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